New appointments from GKH to the Israel Bar Association’s professional committees

New appointments of partners and attorneys from GKH to the Israel Bar Association’s professional committees:

  • Eytan Greenberg – chairperson of the Capital Markets and Business committee
  •  Yael Dolev – chairperson of the Labor Law committee
  • Michael Ginsburg – acting chairperson of the Courts committee
  • Yaron Herman – acting chairperson of the Corporate committee
  • Ran Ben-Ari – acting chairperson of the Antitrust committee
  • Yaniv Erlich – deputy chairperson of the Tax committee
  • Nir Katz – deputy chairperson og the IP committee

GKH welcomes this growing cooperation with the Israel Bar association.

Adv. Sharon Artzy appeals against waste disposal tax| Ha’aretz 26/10/2015

Adv. Sharon Artzy (Madel) appeals to the High court of justice in the name of The Federation of Local Authorities in Israel, demanding the state explains why it refuses to cancel the waste disposal tax, since the money does not serve its purpose – encouraging recycling (Hebrew):


Ha’aretz online 26/10/2015

Read online on InfoSpot website 9/11/2015

Adv. Anat Klein explains the importance of converting hospitals to natural gas | 25/10/2015

The tender for converting 13 governmental hospitals to be powered by natural gas is about to be published. Adv. Anat Klein, head of the Energy department at GKH, who was part of the team that wrote the tender, explains the importance of this conversion (Hebrew):

Globes print edition (26/10/2015):


Globes online 25/10/2015

NRG 25/10/2015

Hila Ohayon Glicksman interviewed about pro-bono case | Galatz 11/10/2015

Hila Ohayon Glicksman interviewed regarding a case she is representing as part as the legal advice we provide at the Bar Ilan University Legal Clinic for the Disabled.

This is the story of a disabled child’s mother who is having trouble receiving approval to enroll her child in municipal afternoon special care facilities.