Practice Areas

Administrative Law

Administrative law is one of the most important fields for business, institutional and public management in Israel. The implementation of administrative law is required whether an authorization, a license, a decision, supervision or an interface with a government or public authority is needed, specifically in the fields of infrastructure, telecommunications, tenders, non-profit organizations, educational and health institutions, transportation and more.

Regulatory divergences, like the dynamic changes in administrative law, regulation and tender laws, turn the work of the local businessman to exceptionally challenging, and calls for the ongoing and thorough guidance of experienced lawyers who specialize in the field of administrative law and regulation.

Our firm is at the forefront of the administrative and regulatory fields, accompanies legislative procedures by appearing on various committee meetings in the Knesset (finance; constitution, law and justice; economy; state comptroller etc.), represents clients in their dealings with central authorities (Government Companies Authority, Israeli Corporations Authority, Israel Money Laundering Prohibition Authority, Ministry of Justice, The Central Elections Committee, The State Comptroller, Local Authorities, Ministry of Health, Ministry of Communications, Ministry of Law and Technology and more), and represents numerous main agencies, leaders in their respective fields, as well as the state of Israel itself.

Our firm has unique expertise in telecommunications, computers and privacy protection, accountants and internal auditors' regulation, and in non-profit organizations and associations laws. Additionally, the firm accompanies government agencies who are audited by the state comptroller, as well as public figures who seek close guidance and advice on public trial issues, including conflict of interest rules.

The regulations that are applied to any agency or office have a direct implication on its ongoing activities. Suitable and effective care of such issues is key to the success of the agency, and can help it achieve its targets and goals. Our Administrative and Regulatory Law Practice specializes in the representation of local and international clientele, and has gained extensive experience in various administrative issues throughout the years, all in order to meet the ever-increasing regulation in the public sector.

The Practice has vast knowledge when it comes to representing clients in their dealings with government agencies, and other entities that are subject to administrative law, including hybrid bodies such as infrastructure and essential services companies, as well as judicial bodies that deal with administrative law disputes. The department also participates in formal Knesset Committees discussions.

Our team has a proven track record of successes in the administrative law field, particularly the head of the department – an accomplished senior partner, ex-prosecutor in the Military Advocate General, who represents numerous organizations and institutions, which require administrative law legal services on a regular basis.

Our administrative law and regulation experts provide their clients with legal advice on their ongoing activity and/or specific issues: constitutional law, administrative and regulation law, tenders, local authorities and municipal taxation.

In recent years, the firm handled some of the largest and most significant tenders in Israel (specifically in the field of infrastructures), as well as administrative appeals, though most of them cannot be disclosed due to client confidentiality.