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Cyber is evolving at the meeting point of online services and communications, big data, privacy and security. Our Cyber and Privacy team draws on our extensive knowledge and experience in these sectors to provide our clients with an array of services in this ever-evolving field.

Our Cyber and privacy team caters to the needs of our clients in this changing arena. In this regard, our services include consultation regarding cross-border data transfers, protection of employees' privacy, protection of privacy in public spaces and during the provision of public services, the use of and transitions between various cloud providers, formulation of privacy policies and organizational documents pertaining to the protection of systems and data, obtaining encryption and export permits, managing data security breaches, ongoing communications with governmental authorities, privacy audits, protection of users' privacy and data minimization, direct marketing and profiling considerations, protection of data and privacy in highly regulated environments such as the financial and healthcare sectors as well as litigation and dispute resolution relating to the foregoing. Our team also manages complex privacy compliance projects (with the Israeli privacy laws and security regulations as well as the GDPR and CCPA) for companies in all areas and sizes, from start-ups to international banks and corporations as draft relevant legal documents such as privacy policies, organizational policy documents, data breach policy, data processing agreements, as well as preparation of guidelines and procedures for the organization, registration and management of databases, drafting data outsourcing agreements, etc.

Our team works closely with lawyers of the GKH Hi-Tech, Banking, Technology, Mergers and Acquisitions and Securities Practices in investment rounds, merger and acquisition transactions and IPOs both with respect to the conduct of IP, privacy and commercial due diligence and with respect to other strategy related matters which arise in the framework of such transactions.

A growing number of companies turn to our global privacy group for help in adopting sound privacy practices, ensuring regulatory and legal compliance, and protecting their competitive advantage.

Our experts regularly advise banks, energy companies, health care institutions, accounting firms, technology ventures of all developmental phases and other entities that are required to maintain the highest levels of data protection.

March 2016

Harman acquires TowerSec for $70m

$ 70,000,000

Harman International Industries Inc.

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