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Debt Restructuring

Our firm has extensive experience in handling a large number of debt arrangements, specializing in both representing the trustee, the bond holders or their representatives, as well as representing the company required to such an agreement.

Debt arrangements is an area that requires expertise and a deep understanding of several fields of law, including the securities field, the field of financing, insolvency law, corporate law, officers' liability, litigation and more. Services in this field, provided at the highest level, are made possible due to the extensive expertise and knowledge of its partners. In addition, the long-term acquaintance legal team with core individuals, such as trustees and representatives of the holders, enables the negotiation at the highest and most professional level.

October 2017

Adv. Rona Bergman Naveh led Alon Israel in their debt arrangement | 02/10/2017

Alon Israel Oil Company

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