Practice Areas

Labor Law

The Labor Law department in GKH is ranked among the leading departments in the field. We provide on-going support to corporations, companies, associations and enterprises in the Israeli market with day-to-day employment related legal issues, such as offers of employment, contracts, statutory payments and other social benefits, pension and retirement, relocation and dismissal procedures. We advise our clients on issues such as confidentiality and non-competition agreements, sexual harassment, discrimination, dismissal and payroll procedures.

Due to growing number of employees unions within companies in all industry areas, our labor law department advises many employers at all stages of the employees union process, from preparing the work plan and helping the organization adapt to a new future, to the best way of coping with the primary organization and negotiating a collective agreement.

Our team of labor law is comprised of expert attorneys and interns which have extensive experience in representing and accompanying the leading companies in Israel. The department leads and advises its clientele on litigation cases, labor related agreements and ongoing advice on relevant matters, as well as providing creative and innovative solutions for complex cases and labor issues arising from the clients' ongoing activities and specific projects. When suitable, our team assists in finding the best way to end the dispute outside the courts.