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Healthcare & Life Sciences

GKH has over 30 years of experience representing varied life sciences companies, ranging from seed stage start-ups to well-established global companies. Our health care and life sciences attorneys provide legal services focused on the specific needs of life sciences companies, which are diversified in the fields of biotechnology, pharmaceuticals, medical devices, diagnostics, health IT, mobile health, cosmetics, food, agriculture, marine biology, veterinary and others.

Our team is highly experienced in providing transactional and regulatory services applicable the entire product life cycle, starting from licensing and early research and development, through clinical phases, manufacture, commercialization, marketing and sales.

The vast knowledge and experience we have accumulated with the specific Israeli rules and regulations applicable to ownership, licensing, clinical testing, use and transfer of technologies – including technologies originating from Israeli Universities, hospitals and the IDF, as well as those rules and regulations relating to marketing and sale of health related products – position us at the forefront of the Israeli Life Sciences legal practice. Our deep rooted acquaintance with the unique characteristics of the Israeli healthcare and life sciences market and its legal requirements also enables us to conduct specialized Israeli regulatory compliance programs tailored for multi-national life sciences companies, who are subject to multiple legal frameworks including FCPA, FDA, CE, etc.

The highly professional yet creative legal advice that GKH is widely well-known for is particularly relevant to our life sciences clients, due to the highly regulated nature of this industry, both in Israel and worldwide. This enables us to provide top legal services to public and private life science and health services companies as well as VCs seeking to focus on investments in the life science market or research organizations.

September 2017

Hadasit Bio Holdings and Korea Investment Partners invested in Enlivex

USD 8,000,000

Hadasit Bio Holdings & Korea Investment Partners

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