Practice Areas


GKH Telecommunications attorneys offer experience in the applicable communications laws in Israel, including such laws governing the use of computers, protection of privacy and encryption of messages and data arrangements incorporated into computers and communication systems. Our attorneys also have experience in the drafting of legislation and have served on government committees related to Telecommunications Law.

We work closely with clients engaged in traditional and cellular telephony, and assist in obtaining the licenses necessary to conduct such activities. We also supply professional support and services to Internet providers. In addition, we have worked on a variety of complex transactions involving the merger of companies or spin-off of assets in order to re-concentrate the holdings of the major entrepreneurial enterprises engaged in the field of cellular communications in Israel. Our work in this field also covers matters related to privatization of governmental entities, and the submission of responses to tenders published by governmental and quasi-governmental agencies.

We offer legal advice and opinions regarding Israeli regulation in the field of communications, including in connection with cable and satellite telecommunications, television and internet.