• Legal Update - Securities | February 2016

    Foreign Companies Offering Securities to the Public in Israel On February 17, 2016 (the “Effective Date”) a new Amendment to “Schedule Four” under the Israeli Securities Law 5728-1968 will come into effect (the “Amendment” and “Securities Law” accordingly). The Amendment adds new corporate governance matters and revises existing ones that apply under the Companies Law 5759-1999 and its Regulations (“Companies Law” and “Regulations” accordingly) to Foreign Companies, which were incorporated outside of Israel and offer shares or bonds to the public in Israel (“Foreign Companies” or “Company”). The Amendment does not aim to apply to Foreign Companies that offered securities … Continue reading "Cayman Islands Private Fund Law Update | February 2020"
  • Capital Markets Update | December 2015

    Capital markets client update regarding amended securities regulations will take effect on 15/1/2016 (Hebrew):