• Can anyone stop the Chinese Giant?

    Attorney Esther Koren, Head of Mergers & Acquisitions at GKH in an article for Globes | August 2019 In the backdrop of the upcoming presidential election, President Trump is threatening to increase tariffs, which is starting early fearful rumblings of market chaos. The risings tensions in the US-China trade war in recent months, through the use of China’s aggressive currency depreciation, and the fall of the yuan to its lowest level in more than a decade has caused a stir in global markets, especially in the US capital market. Over the past few days, the NASDAQ 100 has plunged 3.5% … Continue reading "Evan Schendler"
  • Adv. Esther Koren lectures at the annual Institute of Certified Public Accountants conference

    Watch Adv. Esther Koren’s lecture on Mergers, Acquisitions and Departure from Partnerships