The GKH family helps support the community in which we live and work. Among the nonprofit activity we support:

The Bar Ilan University Legal Clinic
GKH attorneys provide hours of pro bono legal advice each year at the Bar Ilan University Legal Clinic for the Disabled.

The Anne Frank Regional High School
GKH staff teaches Civics classes to the students at the Anne Frank regional high school, serving a student body made up of Arab, Jewish, Circassian and Druze students since 2006. In addition, GKH aids the school with ongoing financial support.

Moadonit Ramat Israel afterschool program
GKH contributes money and staff time to the Moadonit Ramat Israel afterschool program for children from multi-problem homes. GKH throws several parties a year, and groups of GKH staff members help the children each week with their studies.

Tmura, the Israeli Public Service Venture
Tmura is a non-profit organization supporting charitable activities with a focus on education and youth-related activities. At GKH, we provide pro-bono legal services to Tmura, support their activities, and encourage our clients to take part in their activity.